Monday, July 6, 2020

Shastha E Learning Newsletter A 01

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Monday, June 1, 2020

Open Dialogue Cubicle Meet


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The phrase “Corporate Solutions” has a connotation that it is often aligned with provisions of long term, and strategic related answers to issues raised by top management. With the change in the perspectives in the working of the corporates especially in the MSME sectors, what is needed today is a series of short term operational technical and systemic solutions which would help to tide over issues in a short term and low cost. Working level executives often need to get the problems fixed with continual improvement solutions with minimum documentation.
Suthejas Corporate Solutions (SCS), Bangalore, is an experienced management systems service provider, for various domain clusters, covering many manufacturing and service sectors. The company has been recognized as a one of the Top 10 ISO consultants by Silicon India Consultants Magazine in June,2019, as an organization providing creative, customized & cost-effective solutions through Consultancy, Auditing, and Training.
Plan: SCS plans to share the expertise, experience and knowledge of its Director, who is celebrating 50 years of acquiring post-graduation from IISc, Bangalore, to provide expert mentoring and fast responses to operational issues in open dialogue process for small groups. It is equipped with adequate consultancy & analytical tools and database spread of domains. The group meeting can be organized in a professional environment in Jayanagar, to assure effective interactions and solutions.
Organisation- The issues could be conceptual understanding, practical technical/systemic problems, customer/process/system issues needing quick-fixes, etc., Some of the focus areas are given below:
·         Development of flow charts, questionnaire, templates, process improvements,
·         Development of corrective action solutions, risk analysis, FMEA, aspect-impact register, hazards & impact register
·         Development of SOP’s, policies, objectives, inspection plans, control plans, maintenance plans, internal audit checklists,
·         Customized Training on any of the above

Process: Schedule a meeting, meet at the venue, share your issues, provide the inputs, work together for solutions, satisfy the same meets your requirement, payment thro’ UPI, follow up if needed, get satisfied and effect a closure. All the above in time slots of 2 hours/ 4 hours/8 hours, at your convenient dates and timelines and at reasonable hourly rates.
Try it now. Call 9880036738 to know the depth and spread of our approach. It is a matter of connecting our minds to arrive at simple solutions for any complex issues

Wednesday, April 29, 2020

ISO 13485:2016- QMS for Medical devices

ISO 9001:2015- Internal Auditors Training at Colliers International, Bangalore

ISO 41001:2018- Facility Management Standards- an Overview

Thursday, February 7, 2019

A new approach to consultancy

A new approach to consultancy
My core competencies are Consultancy, Auditing, and Training- a professional with academics and industrial experience moved over to a corporate solution provider. Technical domains are no bar. I had taken up and executed challenging assignments irrespective of technical domain, time frame, system requirements, organization size,  etc., Thanks to my esteemed clients, I have been able to keep them with a good amount of satisfaction and a few of them have been with me for more than a decade in spite of changed market conditions where a proliferation of consultants have lowered the overall perspective with lower prices and a degradation of quality level. My credentials can be seen in my personal web portal-
A new approach to client issues
The days of reading hardcore books are dwindling. I would not say, the days are over. However, the number of professionals who can spend hours in reading, assimilating and implementing system related ideas have always been low. Consultancy assignments have always been time-consuming and the companies do not have the time and resources to manage them. CEO’s and Executives look to “instant” consultants, who can provide shortcuts and easy recipes to routine issues faced, which do not last long. Present day clients no more need extensive re-engineering solutions, but many process-oriented solutions for specific issues related to technical, strategic, and operations emanating from time to time. I am not looking at competing in the overcrowded market but at that handful of companies who are on the lookout for solutions to specific problems.
My unique academics, rich industrial experience, depth and width of consultancy assignments, focused insights into the processes in third-party auditing & internal auditing would be the “game changer”. I am embarking on a venture to share my knowledge with a larger professional circle. As a platform for all communications, I propose to utilize - verbal, written (one-on-one), personal visits, the audio-visual and the social media and long term prints. Tweaking in standard solutions specific to individual problems would be the highlight of this approach.
The modes of information sharing would be the following.
·         Q and A- objective type, short para, and essay type issues  and solutions
·         E-books on topics identified by clients, instead of general ones- These ebooks will be interactive, short and provide dynamic online solutions. This will be different from the off-line ideas which are given thro regular books
·         System-based SOP’s, policies, templates for implementation, based on client requirements
·         Technical domain related documents and instructions, specific to the clients
·         On-line auditing, reporting, and solutions
·         On-site and off-site training assignments
·         Short-term consultancy assignments on specific technical, strategic, and operational issues
Let us start
I do not consider this as purely an academic exercise to satiate my long-time ambition of sharing my knowledge, experience, and skills, but a continuing effort in lifelong learning, teaching, and mentoring. Outputs of this venture would be a series of monographs on specific topics related to customer, process, and people and this can be a long-lasting reference document for the clients. I believe my passion and positivity would be the driving force to address the above effectively.  Above all, the issues and solutions from the clients will be kept confidential.
Contact: email-

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A typical configuration for the changes to be brought in the updated version of ISO 9001:2015 is given below:

ISO 9001:2015 Clause No.
Understanding  the organisation  and its context- needs and expectations of the interested parties- parties- prioritise and Identify Strategic goals at the unit level- determining scope of the QMS
Leadership and commitment- establishing quality policy at the company level- identification of performance measures-
Risk based thinking- identification of operational risks and opportunities for each function of every unit- prioritised and mapped to Performance Monitor for each function- mapping the identified quality objectives - unit wise and function wise
Performance review monitor- monitoring and control of processes and products  at different levels, system  performance review as per standards and identified quality objectives - unit wise and function wise
Internal audit scheduling, recording the observations and closure of internal auditing and reporting the results as a summary report
MRM-Setting up a calendar for review of system performance at various levels, frequencies and units
Corrective action report including evaluation of risks in implementing corrective actions

I am here to provide a simple, customised package with the necessary templates and processes for filling up the gaps. They are standalone and can be integrated into the existing processes without affecting the process integrity. Online clarifications and necessary training to ensure compatibility with the existing processes will be an added advantage.
This package can be looked thru 3 independent steps:
1.       Provision of templates with an option for the client to customise to tailor to meet the existing processes
2.       Provision of customising the templates based on the data provided by the company, and online discussions and clarifications
3.       Provision of a total package with customising the templates thru both online discussions and clarifications and visit to the client
Also available packages for QMS and EMS integration
Refer my credentials in and contact for more details