Saturday, August 13, 2016

QMS for SME’s

  •       Small scale industries play an important role in the country’s economy- it is the critical link in the entire value chain of medium and large enterprises. This is realized by the industries, government, and the banks. 
  •       It is true that many automotive giants treat their major and critical vendors/ outsource providers as their partners and give them inputs for product, quality and service improvements. Has it REALLY helped them to move forward or make products for open market with the same quality levels?  The answer is NO. The Big Brothers have ensured that their products get the highest priority in terms of meeting the specified standards. They also insist the suppliers to get them certified to ISO 9001 standards-as a routine matter. Companies carry out certification and subsequent sustenance to satisfy the Big Brothers.
  • ·         With the advent of ISO 9001:2015, the whole concept of QMS has undergone a conceptual change and it is for the small industries to embrace it and get the benefits.  The new requirements of Leadership, Context of the organization, Risk based thinking and Performance monitoring would help the SME’s to move forward to integrate the QMS and the business management and improve their value additions with confidence.
  • ·         Also they can NOW outsource the QMS design, implementation and sustenance to a qualified professional who can ensure that the QMS is fully integrated into the Business management system
  • ·         Against this background I am proposing to provide the necessary support to the SME’s thro the following options. These templates would be a simple tool for the SME’s to understand, and implement.
  • ·         Option 1- Templates for the above 4 major requirements would be provided. Companies can use them and develop their own total system documentation, based on the existing documentation. These templates have been used for getting a company certified by reputed certification body.
  • ·        Option 2- Based on the inputs, obtained thro a standard questionnaire (which will be kept confidential) and  company details, products & services offered, customer profile, company culture, etc., documentation for the above 4 major requirements, would be customized to the particular company.
  •      Option 3- Total system documentation needed to meet the requirements,  would be carried out if the existing documentation is provided, but without any modification of the existing process documentation
  • ·         Option 4- Total documentation package to transit from the certified ISO 9001:2008 to the  upgraded version of ISO 9001:2015
  • ·         Option 5- An uncertified company going in for the  upgraded version of ISO 9001:2015 from scratch
  • ·         Option 6- Providing documentation for conducting Internal audits to meet the requirements of the standard, implementing the same and facilitating the company ready for the external certification audit
  • ·         Option 7- Be an outsourced QMS professional to guide the company

SME’s have the flexibility to choose the above options individually or in combination. Also a group of companies can come together, form a cluster and choose to go in for any of the above options as one common entity.