Tuesday, October 2, 2018

A typical configuration for the changes to be brought in the updated version of ISO 9001:2015 is given below:

ISO 9001:2015 Clause No.
Understanding  the organisation  and its context- needs and expectations of the interested parties- parties- prioritise and Identify Strategic goals at the unit level- determining scope of the QMS
Leadership and commitment- establishing quality policy at the company level- identification of performance measures-
Risk based thinking- identification of operational risks and opportunities for each function of every unit- prioritised and mapped to Performance Monitor for each function- mapping the identified quality objectives - unit wise and function wise
Performance review monitor- monitoring and control of processes and products  at different levels, system  performance review as per standards and identified quality objectives - unit wise and function wise
Internal audit scheduling, recording the observations and closure of internal auditing and reporting the results as a summary report
MRM-Setting up a calendar for review of system performance at various levels, frequencies and units
Corrective action report including evaluation of risks in implementing corrective actions

I am here to provide a simple, customised package with the necessary templates and processes for filling up the gaps. They are standalone and can be integrated into the existing processes without affecting the process integrity. Online clarifications and necessary training to ensure compatibility with the existing processes will be an added advantage.
This package can be looked thru 3 independent steps:
1.       Provision of templates with an option for the client to customise to tailor to meet the existing processes
2.       Provision of customising the templates based on the data provided by the company, and online discussions and clarifications
3.       Provision of a total package with customising the templates thru both online discussions and clarifications and visit to the client
Also available packages for QMS and EMS integration
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