Sunday, May 30, 2010

Dear All,

Interviews are the heart of every audit: they can provide key information to help understand the successes and challenges of systems, businesses, and the clients they serve

I was invited to participate in an evaluation of interviewing skills as an Auditor, towards building a successful relationship with an audit client.

This on-line evaluation was administered by Quality Professionals' Resource Center located in Canada, by leading experts in journalism.

I am happy to share the results of such an evaluation as given below



Dear Ramachandran,

Based on our evaluation of your interviewing skills, we would place you on the 'Trainer' level. Your technical skills and knowledge combine well with a customer-focused approach to your communication strategies. You are a good and observant listener. You know how to read the body language and non-verbal signals to understand what is important to the client and leverage this information for better results. Clients are happy with your audits and audit results in most cases.






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