Sunday, October 23, 2011

IA Catchwords– Series 8

Not explained

Process realization activity is to be documented as per the requirements, needs of the process and the competency of the personnel. Process explanations are to be documented to ensure that the process is carried out to meet the requirements. If it is observed that the absence of such explanations had caused or potential to cause non-conformities, then it is necessary to provide explanations either in the form of documentation or visual displays.

Not trained

Training of personnel is critical to any activity. Training is to be planned both for meeting the existing process/product requirements and enhancing the competency of operating personnel. If it can be concluded that lack of training had resulted in process/product/service non-conformities, then it is important that training is identified as a means of closure of the non-conformity. in fact, "not trained" is one of the common causes of analysis, if proper RCA (Root Cause Analysis) is carried out. This is true in not only in product realization or maintenance or marketing. For example, if a company has identified that a lower hit-rate is an effect and the cause is due to inadequate training of marketing/application personnel in understanding clients requirements, then the same is to be addressed.  


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