Sunday, November 6, 2011


An organization can be viewed a system of processes and activities linked to deliver.
Delivery is one of the key characteristics of an organization.
Delivery is defined as an activity to satisfy (meet) a requirement
An organization links its activities to deliver a product or service either internally or external to it
Delivery is the sum total of the efforts of people, carrying out processes with the resources provided by a leadership which ensures that both the internal and external requirements are met.
Since resources of any nature- be it money, people, equipment, and knowledge are limited, the various elements of delivery are to be optimized
Optimization is dynamic in nature and needs continual review
Hence any delivery process works efficiently and effectively under controlled conditions
One of the controlled conditions is a system approach
Since system approach is standardized, ISO 9001 provides a platform to conceptualize and implement this with ease and consistently
The basic elements of a system approach in an organization to be deployed to ensure delivery are
Leadership, Process concerns, Customer concerns, Quality concerns, HR concerns, Infrastructure concerns, Outsourcing concerns, etc.,
While everyone agrees that the Leadership is the core element, the rest of the elements are bound and linked to ensure consistency


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