Thursday, February 7, 2019

A new approach to consultancy

A new approach to consultancy
My core competencies are Consultancy, Auditing, and Training- a professional with academics and industrial experience moved over to a corporate solution provider. Technical domains are no bar. I had taken up and executed challenging assignments irrespective of technical domain, time frame, system requirements, organization size,  etc., Thanks to my esteemed clients, I have been able to keep them with a good amount of satisfaction and a few of them have been with me for more than a decade in spite of changed market conditions where a proliferation of consultants have lowered the overall perspective with lower prices and a degradation of quality level. My credentials can be seen in my personal web portal-
A new approach to client issues
The days of reading hardcore books are dwindling. I would not say, the days are over. However, the number of professionals who can spend hours in reading, assimilating and implementing system related ideas have always been low. Consultancy assignments have always been time-consuming and the companies do not have the time and resources to manage them. CEO’s and Executives look to “instant” consultants, who can provide shortcuts and easy recipes to routine issues faced, which do not last long. Present day clients no more need extensive re-engineering solutions, but many process-oriented solutions for specific issues related to technical, strategic, and operations emanating from time to time. I am not looking at competing in the overcrowded market but at that handful of companies who are on the lookout for solutions to specific problems.
My unique academics, rich industrial experience, depth and width of consultancy assignments, focused insights into the processes in third-party auditing & internal auditing would be the “game changer”. I am embarking on a venture to share my knowledge with a larger professional circle. As a platform for all communications, I propose to utilize - verbal, written (one-on-one), personal visits, the audio-visual and the social media and long term prints. Tweaking in standard solutions specific to individual problems would be the highlight of this approach.
The modes of information sharing would be the following.
·         Q and A- objective type, short para, and essay type issues  and solutions
·         E-books on topics identified by clients, instead of general ones- These ebooks will be interactive, short and provide dynamic online solutions. This will be different from the off-line ideas which are given thro regular books
·         System-based SOP’s, policies, templates for implementation, based on client requirements
·         Technical domain related documents and instructions, specific to the clients
·         On-line auditing, reporting, and solutions
·         On-site and off-site training assignments
·         Short-term consultancy assignments on specific technical, strategic, and operational issues
Let us start
I do not consider this as purely an academic exercise to satiate my long-time ambition of sharing my knowledge, experience, and skills, but a continuing effort in lifelong learning, teaching, and mentoring. Outputs of this venture would be a series of monographs on specific topics related to customer, process, and people and this can be a long-lasting reference document for the clients. I believe my passion and positivity would be the driving force to address the above effectively.  Above all, the issues and solutions from the clients will be kept confidential.
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