Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Personal Strategy for 2015-16

Greetings for the ensuing FY 2015-16 and looking forward to a year of positive growth. This would mean a revival of focus on Management systems , which I am looking forward to.   

Changes to standards 

FY 2015-16 is a landmark year for the management systems due to the major changes. 
ISO 9001 standard with a new look and feel with structural changes is being released in the 2nd quarter of the year. In view of this change, ISO 14001 is also being revised as per the revised format and aligned with ISO 9001.  
Also, OHSAS 18001, which is now a BSI standard is being adopted by ISO and amended and aligned with ISO 9001, as ISO 45001 and planned to be released in FY 2016-17.  

Accordingly, existing Integrated Management Systems with 9K, 14K and 18K, will need to be restructured, realigned and released for getting certified . Major changes would be in the area of risk-based thinking and larger involvement of the top management. Existing documents need to be realigned and tweaked to meet the changed requirements. No hurry, however, since companies will get at least 2 years from the date of release for the transition.  
You can therefore count on me to provide adequate support in terms of understanding, training and implementation.   

Integration of systems 

In view of the focus on environment, health and safety mandated by the various MNC's, it would be advisable for the existing clients who are certified only for ISO 9001, to integrate with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. The benefits of integration would be a better work environment, higher workforce discipline, and improved productivity. I would urge the companies, irrespective of industry domain, to therefore look at the IMS more closely and plan for the same.  

Automation of management systems 

Another area of importance is the automation of management systems. In my experience of more than 22 years in management systems, the major lacunae in implementation and compliance, is in the realm of documents and records- irrespective of whether they are in hard and soft. Companies do not seem to realise that system compliance is one of LINKAGES. Linking documents and records with practices is the real need for compliance. This cannot be achieved by simply converting a few documents and records to a paperless form. Another area of concern is controlling the documents and records. Little importance is given in this area and it becomes a major WORK for the MR to carry this out just before the external audits.  

What is needed therefore is an integrated software to link the following- Document management, Audit management, NC control and CAPA, Aspect-Impact (for ISO 14001) and Hazard- Risk assessment (for OHSAS 18001), Policies, objectives and programmes, legal and statutory compliances, monitoring & measurements, Continual Improvement, I believe that such a software would provide a robust management system to the company, and ROI will be both in tangible and intangible.  

Strategic Value adders 

As a strategy, I plan to go in for horizontal deployment of experience, expertise and skills during the coming year. 
Accordingly, the following areas have been identified for supporting my clients 
  • Provide support to automate IMS documents and records, with a proven software   
  • Provide customized on-site class room training , workshops, on specific topics- a training plan is attached   
  • Provide domain support in design/implementation of ERP solutions related to operational areas   
  • Provide support to carry out assessment on suppliers and service providers on technical/system issues including Quality, Environment, Health& safety 


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