Friday, June 12, 2015

Training Bouquet

Rolling out a Management Systems training schedule
·                  The topics given below are only indicative. Changeable as per request from individuals
·                  Training will be imparted at the company workplace
·                  If the participants are more than 15, it can be organized outside, if needed
·                  Topics can be combined and tailored depending on the company needs
·                  Any topic other than the above can be taken up, if required
·                  Training charges will depend on the topic(s), number of participants, location of training and the number of days
·                  Training will be provided by and can be organized thro an external  experts, for specific topics 

Sl. No.
Training topics
IM 01
Hard and soft of legalities in QMS, EMS and OHSAS
To understand and appreciate legal and regulatory requirements
IM 02
Monitoring and measurement in QMS, EMS, and OHSAS
To achieve process objectives and regulatory compliances
IM 03
Specifics in Hazards and risks
To understand  better, the safety requirements
IM 04
Specifics in environmental planning
To enhance environmental awareness
BU 01
Automating system documents and records - an easy life
To achieve higher productivity and zero non-compliance
BU 02
Focussing on Customer, the driving force
To achieve enhanced customer satisfaction
BU 03
Standards, Specifications and Systems
To enhance product competitiveness
BU 04
Integration of business management to systems
To enhance business bottom line
PR 01
Quality- core or support function
One step towards “Make in India”
PR 02
An effective system of outsourcing controls
To achieve improved quality and productivity
PR 03
Process management and improvements
To understand basics of processes and manage to enhance process quality 
SM 01
An effective Management Representative
To enhance system effectiveness leading to process improvements
SM 02
Effective Management reviews
To enhance participation by top management
SM 03
Skills in framing policies and objectives
To achieve company’s vision and mission
SM 04
Internal auditors training in QMS
To achieve improved systems compliance
SM 05
Internal auditors training in EHS
To achieve improved systems compliance
SK 01
Skills in Internal audits
To enhance system compliance
SK 02
Skills in risk management
To adequately address business risks
SK 03
Enhancing skills and competencies of personnel
To improve product quality and achieve regulatory compliance
SK 04
Root causes and corrective actions
To achieve enhanced quality, environment and safety
SK 05
A Quad chain- Nonconformity, analysis, corrective & preventive actions, and continual improvement
To understand the core of the system standards


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